Wold Primary School

Wold Academy is a completely new three form entry Primary School with a 49 place nursery, procured as part of the Hull and East Ridings Phase 1 Priority Schools Programme. Built in the grounds of the existing school, which remained live throughout construction, before being demolished to form replacement and additional external sports and play space.

Wold Academy formed the final scheme in the PSBP batch and is the largest of the Primary Schools. The £5m scheme utilised the same family of off-site manufactured concrete panelling as the other schools to reduce the amount of construction time on the live site as well as ensuring the highest quality construction.

Designed from the outset in BIM, the fully coordinated model was critical to the success of this off-site manufactured approach ensuring structure, architecture and services were accurately coordinated. With a precast concrete panel system there is little tolerance for alterations once on site so a fully coordinated BIM model was essential.