Plant A Tree For 2023

Now you’ve got your acorn, it’s time to start growing your tree.

By planting this acorn, you’re taking a big step towards saving our environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

Here’s how to do it:

1) Make sure your acorn doesn’t have any cracks or holes in the shell. Then put the acorn in some water and let it soak for a day. (Note: If the acorn floats, that means that it won’t grow.)

2) Grab a couple of containers with holes in the bottom and then fill them with soil from the same place you’re planning to plant your tree.

3) Plant the acorn into the soil.

 4) The container should be placed in an area outside where it will receive sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.

5) Water and fertilize the soil as required and wait for your tree to grow!