Wellness Week at Space

Wellness week at Space

Space Architects have recently held their ‘Wellness Week’ to promote the importance of a healthy body and mind. Wellness Week took place over the week of October 22nd to the 26th.

Space Architects are aiming for level Silver of the Better Health at Work Award following the award of Bronze last year following their involvement in the Newcastle Can initiative with Hugh Fernley-Whittingtall. The Better Health at Work Award recognises the efforts of employers in the north east and Cumbria in addressing health issues within the workplace.

The week included a series of lunch time seminars on improving mental health and wellbeing.

The lunchtime seminars were taught as an extension of the better health and wellness service, Joyful Living. Space Architects attended daily talks from Joyful Living on subjects such as digital detoxing, resilience, work-life balance and mindfulness with relaxation techniques over the course of the week.

Space Architects are an advocate in promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness in the workplace. Following Wellness Week, Rachel Jones-Wild, Mindful Therapy tutor of the lunch time seminars discussed wellbeing in the workplace. Rachel said,

“Creating a healthier work-life balance can help us to avoid burnout and helps us to be more focused and productive when we are working.

“We might choose to look at how often we check our emails when we are at home and decide to cut down on the use of technology, exchanging it for something more nourishing.”

Having picked up techniques on improving health and wellbeing, Space Architects will continue to promote the importance of wellness in the workplace.