University of Sunderland Projects – "A Busy Summer."

With the new academic year underway, we are reflecting on three SPACE projects that had to be designed, delivered and ready for use at the start of the University of Sunderland's Autumn Term. These three key projects, won and designed under the University of Sunderland Framework for Architects Consultants Services, were completed simultaneously on-site over "a busy Summer." They comprised;


Library @ Pasteur 

The design, remodelling and rebranding of Level 1 of the Pasteur Building has created a permanent library study hub ("spoke"). Although a relatively small space, as this is one of the first parts of the Integrated Campus Library strategy to be delivered, the Library at Pasteur also served as a "prototype" to help establish the new branding, identity and functional parameters for the entire library estate. The "spoke" posed as a test to monitor and record the success of a range of space variants, furniture, equipment and IT solutions for future library developments. In summary, the Pasteur hub, delivered by contractor Brims Construction Ltd, accommodates Open Study Areas with a full range of flexible spaces, enclosed Study Rooms of different types and a Syndicate/Seminar Room, all with a fresh but calm aesthetic. 

Library @ David Goldman

The design and remodelling of Level 3 of the David Goldman Technology Centre have formed a library study hub ("spoke") to accommodate Art and Literature Collections as well as Open Study Areas, enclosed Study Rooms and Syndicate Rooms. This project, also delivered by contractor Brims Construction Ltd, successfully applied the new Integrated Campus Library concept to a much larger space with a more complex brief.

Douglas Court Student Residential Accommodation

There was also the design, remodelling and rebranding of the student residential accommodation within Douglas Court at Panns Bank. Phase 1 of this project, delivered by contractor Vest Construction Ltd, included all bedrooms and internal areas of Flats 45 and 46. The intention following this remodel, and rebrand is to extend the new designs and concepts to further accommodations as funds become available.

All three projects were delivered on time and on project, with each well received by client, staff and students alike.

Space Architects Director and Manager for the Framework David Coundon remarked, "The University of Sunderland has been a great client. As a team, we are proud of what we have delivered on-site this Summer, but we also have worked closely with the University to understand and develop a vision for how the projects can integrate with the University's strategic objectives moving forward."