SPACE Architects commit to going carbon neutral by 2023

SPACE Architects have committed to reduce their carbon emissions on a yearly basis with the aim to be completely carbon neutral by 2023.

Director Nick Jaszynski explains how the practice will tackle the challenge.


Without a doubt, global warming is one of the biggest issues facing the planet today.

There are a number of global issues to be tackled in regard to the climate crisis as natural resources are running low and, as a result, a reduction in heavy industry is required.

While there may be no single solution to the problem, we do know that there is an effective way that we can minimise the effects of human activities on the environment - by reducing our carbon footprint.

The government have already committed to making the country Zero Carbon by 2050 through tactics such as banning all petrol and diesel cars and planting two billion trees by 2035. Work carried out by scientific researchers at the Crowther Lab in Zurich has highlighted, “that as well as a drastic reduction in carbon emissions, global tree restoration is one of our most effective climate change solutions to date.”

So, how do SPACE plan to help?

We have committed to be a carbon neutral business by 2023.

We are in the process of an in-depth review our current emissions across our business as a whole. This not only includes all operational aspects, but also our technical delivery of projects and the advice we offer to clients.  This in-depth audit will allow us to continue to develop our Zero Carbon strategy with the aim of making significant reduction in our carbon emission on a yearly basis with a view to being as close to carbon neutral as possible by 2023.

This audit involves reviewing the project delivery process and looking at reducing the amount of carbon emitted and replacing it with a more sustainable process. Information gathered from travel, energy and operational audits will tell us how much carbon we are currently emitting as a business.

Two key tactics within our strategy are to balance carbon dioxide emissions and to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We’ve also pledged our support to the Architects Declares campaign and the LI Declares Campaign. The campaign is committed to uniting all strands of the construction industry and the built environment with the mission of taking positive action against the climate crisis.

Construction Declares also calls for change in the industry to move faster towards regenerative design and practices, which will require the support of a higher Governmental funding priority.

Through implementing operational changes such as changing our lighting and going paperless, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Other tactics we’ll be looking at include reducing the car usage and using a green energy provider.

While focusing on first making our own business carbon neutral, we also want to help our clients make their projects as green as possible.

Our aim is for SPACE to be a leading force in the battle against the environmental crisis.

Keep an eye on the SPACE website and our social media channels for updates as our journey towards being carbon neutral progresses.