Introducing SPACE Architects' Latest Graduate Intake

SPACE Architects is thrilled to welcome its new graduate intake for the academic year 2023/2024. We are excited to introduce Jade Atkins and Tinnie Ma, who will join us as Part 1 and Part 2 Architectural Assistants, respectively.

Jade recently completed her bachelor's degree and started her Part 1 studies at Northumbria University, while Tinnie is pursuing her Part II studies at Newcastle University.

Jade was instantly drawn to SPACE's ideology that architecture is all about the people and communities who will use it, the experiences they will have, and the memories they will make. This aligns perfectly with her past university projects, as she believes in designing spaces that enhance people's lives and acknowledges that even the smallest details, like the proximity of a desk to a window, can have a significant impact.

Passionate about architecture and its role in society, Jade states,"In today's world, amidst the growing challenges of climate change and the cost of living crisis, it's easy to feel powerless. However, architecture can play a direct role in addressing these issues." Through her work, she hopes to contribute to a better future by designing spaces that promote sustainability, well-being, and social equity.

Tinnie shares her excitement about joining SPACE and says,"I was fascinated by how innovative SPACE is in terms of integrating advanced technologies to maximise efficiency and effectiveness in every design." She is passionate about the topics of regeneration and reuse of old building stocks to reduce carbon emissions from the initial stage of construction. Tinnie is intrigued by investigating the past and knitting intangible narratives that could evolve into representations in part of the repurposed building.

Tinnie remarked,"The notion of architecture narrating the history of an era is a romantic gesture that deeply resonates with me. I admire how SPACE's conservation and regeneration projects narrate the past delicately and sensibly."

Both Tinnie and Jade are thrilled to be part of the SPACE graduate program, which includes seminars on building regulations, the RIBA Plan of Work, CDM, and practice management. They will also have the opportunity to attend an intensive Revit training program over several weeks and benefit from broader SPACE development, including the weekly "Thinking Thursday" sessions and ongoing CPD seminars.

Tinnie's and Jade's initial weeks in the office have been a great learning experience, with both feeling supported and gaining valuable insights. Tinnie is eager to learn about project management and will gain these skills through graduate seminars and shadowing senior staff. Jade is enthusiastic about expanding her knowledge as she feels she is learning something new every day. She is excited to gain insights into the behind-the-scenes of the design process and how different aspects come together to create a cohesive and sustainable project.

At SPACE Architects, we take great pride in nurturing young talent and providing them with the necessary resources and support to develop their skills and knowledge.

CEO Rob Charlton, commented, "We are pleased to welcome Tinnie and Jade, whose passion, dedication, and fresh perspective are a testament to their potential in the industry. Their contributions will add great value to our projects, and we are excited to witness their growth and development in their roles."