Anthony Greenhill

After 40 years, we wish Anthony Greenhill a long and happy retirement

1977 was a great year. Star Wars hit the theatres, the first Apple 2 went on sale and Concord completed its first commercial flight.

For Space Architects (Waring and Netts Partnership as it was known back then), it was the year a fresh-faced Anthony Greenhill started his role as an architectural technician. Armed with his prized Rotring Pens and exceptional skills as a technician, he was ready to start his first project: The Hunter Memorial Homes Trust in Morpeth.

Today Anthony works using the latest software for digital design, he has adapted and thrived in an ever-changing industry, his commitment to innovative architecture and design has never dwindled and this is shown through his work over the last 40+ years.

Over the years, Anthony has worked on a variety of projects across the North East including the extension to Newcastle International Airport, the Great Park residential complex and the new Stephenson Quarter.

Today, we are helping him celebrate his well-deserved retirement. Throughout his career he has worked on so many projects that he has became a part of Space Architects history. We wish him a happy and long retirement, it really has been a pleasure.