Phil Lloyd

Get to know; Phil Lloyd

Crafter and Conservationist. Welshman in Exile.

As an Accredited Conservation Architect, with a special interest in historic properties, Phil is the ideal person to lead Space’s work in this sector. Phil’s curiosity for traditional heritage skills and crafts extends beyond his working hours and underpins his hobbies and activities away from the office. He’s recently taken up pottery classes in his spare time and has also tried his hand at green wood turning on a pole lathe and living willow coppicing and structures.

As well as handicrafts, Phil is a big ‘outdoors’ person. He loves to spend time in the countryside with his wife and children, walking, camping, and visiting historic properties and national parks around the UK – including his beloved homeland of Wales. Like many a Welshman, Phil loves his rugby and always makes time to watch his national team when they take to the pitch.

Phil is a champion of sustainability and takes a keen interest in the ‘off-grid lifestyle’. Although, whilst he aspires to it and, along with his family, practices some self-sufficiency methods, like growing veg in the garden at home, he admits he’s not brave enough to commit 100% to off-grid living just yet!