Nick Craggs

Get to know; Nick Craggs

Problem-solver. ‘Boro Fan. Sportsman.

Nick takes his inspiration from constantly improving the way we design and deliver buildings. He relishes a challenge and thrives on problem-solving: “…not just in the design and construction of the building but in how we produce the information to allow the building to be built in a more efficient, clever way.”

Outside of work, football fan Nick enjoys following his hometown team, Middlesbrough. He travels to watch Boro’s home fixtures, meaning he also gets to spend valuable family time with his parents who still live in Teesside.

Nick’s other great passion outside of architecture, is ice hockey. He loves the adrenaline rush he gets from playing in tournaments and friendly matches for two local teams - the Whitley Wildcats and the North-East Nomads. At the Nomads he’s the team Captain. He’s an organiser and takes on a mentoring role too, supporting those who are new to the sport.

There’s no surprise in his response, when Nick is asked what his dream architectural project would be. For sure, it’d be an ice rink!