Fun Budiman

Get to know; Fun Budiman

Focused. Determined. Bookworm. Polyglot.

Fun is one of our most experienced architects. She’s knowledgeable, detail-focused and has a determined nature. Fitting qualities for the Principal Designer role she now fulfils.

As a young child, growing up in Indonesia and Taiwan, she was very single-minded about forging herself a future career in building design. She always had a keen interest in science and took inspiration from her father who also worked in the construction industry.

Moving to the UK and also Germany to study and work, as a young adult, Fun was undaunted in adapting to different cultures and relished learning new languages. She speaks Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese, German and English.

To wind down, away from the office, Fun likes to spend time outdoors, walking. She often takes her neighbour’s dogs along for company. She loves reading too. In fact, she is quite the bookworm. If she finds a book that particularly grabs her interest, she’s been known to finish it at lightning speed. Rumour has it she read Vanity Fair in one night!