Chris Holmes

Get to know; Chris Holmes

Considerate. A collaborator. A culture-seeker.

As a kid, I was always drawing or building lego. I decided that i wanted to become an Architect from an early age. years on, i still love the diversity of the role and the many challenges and rewards each project brings.”

Chris enjoys the simple things in life - spending time with his family, enjoying the great outdoors, walking, travelling, and exploring new places where he can broaden his horizons and soak up different cultures. He counts places as diverse as the Lake District, South Africa, Jordan and New England as some of his favourites to have visited. Venice is next on his travel destination list.

Closer to home, you can find Chris seeking solace in gardening. Much like the rewarding feeling of bringing an architectural concept to life in a built form, Chris enthuses about planting and nurturing his garden and appreciating all the changes each new season brings.

Passionate about our built heritage, Chris gets a huge sense of achievement from breathing new life into old buildings - re-purposing them into something new to be enjoyed. This is evident in some of his recent 'creative re-use' work at Space and a standout project he completed before joining the team – Whitley Bay’s iconic Spanish City which he describes as “not just a design scheme, but about the whole regeneration of an area.”

Whilst proud of his Yorkshire roots Chris now happily calls Newcastle “home”, although he’s drawn the line at adopting a local football team as he still travels to watch his beloved Bradford City whenever he can. Being supportive at work is incredibly important to Chris too. In his words, “architecture, design and construction are all about collaboration. When you get the right team, you get great results.”