Andy Forbes

Get to know; Andy Forbes

Quiet, Composed. Amateur Photographer and Wellbeing Advocate.

Andy is a perfectionist – by his own admission. “I have a constant desire to improve what I do in visualisation…” He’s a keen photographer and has an active interest in augmented and virtual reality. What better characteristics for an Associate Visualiser to have?

He has a noticeably calm, easy-going presence. Beneath this serene exterior lies drive, determination and fortitude – traits Andy puts into practice when taking part in physically demanding and competitive Crossfit training – which is one of his favourite ways to ‘relax’ outside of work, alongside his photography hobby.

Passionate about promoting physical and mental wellness, Andy began blogging about his own experiences, initially as a form of self-help and personal exploration, before publishing this as a full website in the hope others may also benefit from his writing. He’s delivered some encouraging sessions around mental health topics during our Thinking Thursdays too. Take a look at: – there’s some thought-provoking and inspirational reading in there!