Develop your career

Here is where we show you how we are different from the rest.

Firstly, we are all ‘Spacers’, not staff. The term ‘staff’ is banned at Space Architects. We are all people and all of us have different stories and needs. But, regardless of our backgrounds, we all share the same purpose; we want to make a positive impact on society through the built environment.

The things that are important to every Spacer have been distilled down to:

Enjoyment - we enjoy what we do

Honesty - we value an honest approach and attitude

Initiative - we use our initiative at every turn

Passion - we are unbelievably passionate about what we do

How are we making a difference? We live by the following principles;

People and Planet First - Setting benefits to people and the planet as the core purpose of the built environment.

Moral & Ethical Principles - Being held accountable for upholding moral and ethical standards.

Build Smarter - Using smart technologies to build efficiencies, enabling improved performance, reduced costs and carbon, higher quality and longer-lasting assets.

Future Focused Construction - Researching and adopting methods that substantially reduce the use of carbon in construction and are focused on the future of our planet.

Built vs. Natural - Valuing nature in equal weight to the built environment to drive decarbonisation.

Circular Economy - Taking into account how materials and resources within the built environment can be repurposed beyond their life span.

Joining Forces - Forming strategic partnerships with other industry players and policymakers to develop a built environment that benefits all.

In addition to our purpose and principles, there are no “bosses” here, every role is unique and is necessary to the success of the business.

Spacers are encouraged to dream big and reach their full potential. Our focus is on ability and attitude, not qualifications.

We also recognise that while formal training has its place, there is more we can do. Some of how we support Spacers’ journeys include:

  • Hybrid, flexible working arrangements to support individual circumstances
  • Supporting those at the beginning of their careers, through Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships
  • A graduate programme, working with graduates throughout the year on many relevant topics
  • A Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme including lunchtime learning sessions every month, external guest speakers and internal experts sharing their specific knowledge
  • Bi-annual development discussions and monthly one-to-ones
  • Implementing any internal or external training identified in development discussion which aligns with Space priorities
  • Thinking Thursday, covering a subject of particular interest for an hour every week
  • Friday morning is for design reviews. Everyone is welcome to join and share thoughts and provide feedback.

We also have a great set of work perks that evolve continually but as a flavour, we have an office gym, yoga, dedicated days off to do something Spacers’ care deeply about and our (in)famous summer BBQ.

Whatever stage people are at in their career journey, Space Architects is a place where people can grow and achieve their ambitions.

If you would like to chat more about a career at Space, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.