Last year Space Architects went through a rebranding process. Some may have noticed we have dropped the pink.

The exercise was more than merely changing a logo and website. With new directors joining the board we wanted to reflect on what was important to us and how we would develop the practice. After lots of talking and thinking we came up with two words which captured a recurring theme - Rethink Tomorrow.

To be able to Rethink Tomorrow we want to learn from the past whilst challenging the future using creativity, innovation and new thinking. Little did we know that this would be so appropriate in 2020 as society responds to a global pandemic.

As we emerge from lockdown there is a need to rethink the future. To this end, we have designed a programme of webinars to explore and challenge the past and focus on how we might do things in the years ahead.

old people

Rethink Ageing

Lesley Palmer, Chief Architect, Dementia Services
Design Centre, Stirling University
Rob Charlton, Director, Space Architects

This session will challenge our thinking on ageing and how design impacts on the way we live as we get older. Rob will set the scene by discussing population demographics over the past 100 years and how society has evolved. He will share some thoughts on our communities and what they may look like in the future. Lesley will pick up the challenge we face in caring for people with dementia and how the built environment impacts upon this.

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Rethink Towns and Cities

Jonathan Wallace, Senior Director, Lichfields,
(Head of Newcastle Office)
Chris Holmes, Director, Space Architects

This session will explore how the recent COVID19 pandemic may influence how we design and adapt thinking for living and working within towns and cities. We will look at how legislation and government initiatives may evolve to accommodate the ‘new normal’ for tomorrow.

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Rethink Value

Paul Broadfoot, Director, Space Architects
Adam Ward, Director, BIM.Technologies

Space Architects and BIM Technologies directors Paul Broadfoot and Adam Ward discuss marginal gains in architectural design and delivery. This webcast discusses new technologies being developed within Space Group, to increase value in every aspect of building design from feasibility to building operation. The pair will discuss new techniques, how the industry is changing and how marginal gains are being achieved at Space Group.

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Rethink Carbon

Susan Logan, Managing Director, Ecoteric
David Coundon, Director, Space Architects

Since December 2016, 1,400 local governments in 28 countries have made climate emergency declarations. Consequently, there is a growing number of individuals, authorities and organisations announcing low or zero carbon initiatives, often without clear understanding of what this really entails or how it can be accomplished. In this seminar, we explore methodologies for achieving zero carbon including passive design, low carbon analysis, energy strategy and embodied carbon, supporting the discussion with “real world” examples.

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Rethink Social Value

David Wise, Associate Director, Space Architects
Helen Kerrigan, Commissioning and Procurement Programme Manager, Newcastle City Council

Social value has been slowly gaining prominence in public sector procurement; however, there is still a lack of agreement and consistency on how this is defined and measured within the built environment. Space Architects invites you to engage in an informative session which will consider how we can lead the discussion around social value to realise the wider social, economic and environmental impacts of projects for long term benefit.

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Rethink Wellbeing

Nicky Thompson, Principal Consultant,
Turner and Townsend
Nick Jaszynski, Director, Space Architects

Over recent years, research has consistently documented significant links between the natural world and its positive impact on our health and wellbeing. With the world at the mercy of the COVID19 pandemic, connecting with the natural environments that surround us has never been more at the forefront of design. We’ll explore biophilic design principles, the WELL Standard, and how it can be applied to the design process and we’ll also look at how we can connect our working environments with nature, to promote the wellbeing of employees.

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