Remote Design Teams: The New Norm

SPACE are all too familiar in delivering projects from a remote base. With multiple London projects progressing at present, not to mention the successful delivery of £100m of schools completed in 2019 on the Isle of Wight with Sir Robert Mc Alpine, these successfully delivered projects have in the past come with a cost.

If that cost is a 5am train, necessitating same day travel is a must with two young children, this could mean 8 hours travel before the working day has begun in earnest. Over time this can take its toll both physically and mentally. 

What’s changed? In the last week I’ve worked on 4 different projects and attended 4 Design Team meetings from the comfort of my spare room. My output has doubled, and the wife is still talking to me. Be it via Zoom, Teams or Skype the quality of interaction and screen sharing is getting close to rivalling a face to face meeting. 

The benefits are massive. Better work life balance combined with a happy client as your spending your time doing what you're good at rather than fighting through traffic. 

Maybe after the dust settles with COVID 19, clients will see these benefits and be more concerned with an Architects quality and design rather than an office postcode.